Our Philosophy

With the admission of mixed-ability students, Oxford Manor College uses Study Technology, strong pastoral care, and personal and group ethics to add educational value to any individual. Apart from aiming to add value to literacy and numeracy skills and to encourage a capacity to think critically, Oxford Manor College aims to give a holistic education that includes moral values, British/Nigerian values, wide experience, social skills, an appreciation of education realization of the future and the part education will play in it.

Oxford Manor College strives to provide students with the added value given by the experience and passion of its specialist teachers. The school aims to add value by broadening students' viewpoints, giving them a 'hands-on' understanding as well as better subject knowledge, as shown by regular Cambridge assessments. A system of 'check sheets’ is used where appropriate in all subjects, beginning in the Lower School and progressing to the Upper School.

A check sheet is an individual study program giving a step-by-step progression through a body of work at the student's own pace including points of self-assessment, peer assessment, and teacher assessment.

This approach accommodates students of a wide range of abilities, from those needing support to the more able. Oxford Manor College’s students are good learners and are encouraged to make full use of the school's systems of self-assessment, including the check sheet system, to aid their progress.

Oxford Manor College takes great care to forward students' personal development, supported by effective arrangements in safeguarding and other policies to ensure their welfare, health, and safety. Superlative relationships with staff are a key to this, and Oxford Manor College aims to create an atmosphere throughout the school in which all new students are made to feel welcome and free from bullying or other distractions. Consequently, behaviour and moral standards are kept high, and students achieve a good level of self-confidence, and a high communication level, and learn, in varying degrees, to be socially and culturally aware. Clear procedures for the use of electronic devices minimize any risk of bullying or inappropriate use of the internet and appropriate security firewalls and other e-safety provisions are made.


That’s who we are. We will not, we cannot be beaten!
We have Outstanding Results in IGCSE and Now Offer WAEC and NECO for Year 12

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