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Welcome Message from the Director of Education

Oxford Manor College is an elite British-Nigerian school with a uniquely tailored curriculum that has been adapted to the specific needs of our Key Stage 3 and 4 scholars. Our strong academic and extra-curricular programmes ensure our scholars are prepared for the tertiary institution of their choice.

We aim to produce well-balanced young adults that are responsible for themselves and become contributing members of society. We not only focus on academics but on moral standards and social skills to ensure that our scholars are successful in any global community. Oxford Manor College's tutorial-style and academic introduction to secondary school for Year 7 is a unique programme that employs an international outlook. This is particularly evident in our specialised curriculum and our global approach to education, leadership and service. We provide a unique programme of strong support and guidance to help our scholars settle into secondary school. In Year 8, we continue a strong emphasis on the core, compulsory units so there is a real focus on your child's academics literacy, numeracy and study skills are further developed into a strong foundation for the senior years. In Years 9 and 10, scholars are expected to become increasingly self-reliant in their learning as they have had an opportunity to sample all areas of study and have gained an understanding of their particular areas of interest and ability.

Oxford Manor College’s ethos is bound in its traditional values reflecting the culture and rich heritage of Nigeria, while also teaching our children to be outward-looking and aware of the community and world in which they live. We work to provide a safe and exciting environment for every scholar. Our social and emotional support at OMC is outstanding and is at the heart of all we do. We strive to mould a happy, transparent family environment for all our scholars to enjoy all aspects of their schooling. The result is a warm and friendly family atmosphere.

Ms. Donna Wallace

Director of Education

Our History

The school opened in September 2017 and graduated its first senior class in June 2019. It has a population of just below 100 students at the moment although this number is likely to increase significantly by the end of the academic year!

Oxford Manor College opened in 2017 because of the high demand from parents at Tender Years Preparatory School (the sister school) to have a school of this calibre in the area. The Director of Education was under tremendous pressure to accede to their request. Tender Years Preparatory School is the main feeder school to OMC.

The main advantage of encouraging your child to attend Oxford Manor College after graduating from Tender Years Preparatory School is to give continuity. We know your child from the beginning to the end. A lot of the parents will be familiar with our long-standing Management Team and Teaching Staff from TYS. We also admit students from other feeder schools and mid-phase new arrivals from other secondary schools. The admission process is ongoing throughout the year!

We know that the transition from primary to secondary school is a significant decision for every parent. As your partner in your child's educational path, we feel we should give little input on this. We wish to provide you with an insight into the advantages of considering Oxford Manor College (OMC), a sister school to TYS, for the secondary school prospect of your child.

We believe that for a child to be outstanding in their educational pursuit, there is a need for continuity, stability, and sustained relationships, significantly leveraging the familiar instructional and learning techniques to which the child has been accustomed. Oxford Manor College is built on the structure and model of TYS.

We are pleased to inform you that we have received positive feedback from the parents of scholars who made the transition from TYS to OMC. The primary reason for their satisfaction is that OMC offers their child continuity and stability. They are already familiar with some of our staff and the environment as well as the teaching methods and style. Therefore, moving from TYS to OMC is a seamless and natural progression!

We know that starting secondary school is a significant milestone in the life of your child and as parents, it can also feel quite daunting! But you will marvel at their flourishing confidence as they experience a whole new world of learning, a wider circle of friends, inspirational teachers and guidance that empowers them. Solid foundations at secondary school are essential in helping your child make progress and succeed in the transition to the next stage of their education.

Most of our graduating scholars opt to study abroad after the completion of the Cambridge IGCSE programme of study. Our graduating scholars can be found in institutions such as:

  • Cardiff College (UK)
  • St. Andrews School (UK)
  • Louisiana State University (US)
  • Queen Mary College (UK)
  • Tennesse State University (US)
  • Herriot Watt University (UAE)
  • Anoka Ramsey College, Minnesota, (USA)
  • Cirencester College (UK)
  • University of Swansea (UK)

Some of our students received part scholarships to attend the above institutions. We are proud to announce that Oxford Manor College has been accredited with the Duke of Edinburgh International Award and the Certiport Authorised Testing Centre for IT because of the significant progress made as a school of excellence.

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide a world-class learning environment and opportunities for scholars, both inside and outside the classroom, that help them develop the knowledge, critical thinking skills, leadership and the right character essential to succeed globally using the world's dynamic approaches.

Our Vision

We are committed to continuously striving to prepare all scholars to become lifelong learners, responsible global citizens, and ready to meet and provide solutions to challenges of the future in partnership with families and the wider community.

Our Aims and Objectives

To instill in all scholars the ability to communicate freely and confidently, competence, confidence in themselves, industriousness, responsibility, tolerance, and a moral and ethical compass.

To ensure that all students are happy throughout their time at the school and graduate feeling enthusiastic about life, having developed new friendships and gained a sense of achievement in an ethical, highly productive, and motivating environment.

In the senior school (Key Stage 4), our scholars make the transition to a tailor-made academic and pastoral programme of study. This will provide them with the necessary platform to blossom and achieve their ambitions in the career of their choice. Primarily, we set out to:

  • Provide an independent school education with competitive fees whilst maintaining a staff-to-student ratio.
  • Deliver education to children whose prior school experience or progress may not have been adequate and permit such students to flourish and achieve results to the level of their potential.
  • Add educational value at every stage of students' development.
  • Enable all young people who come to Oxford Manor College to achieve their full potential in all areas, whether or not they have special educational needs in one or more areas. Whether or not they are able, gifted or talented in one or more areas, and whether or not they perform within an expected range.


That's who we are. We will not, we cannot be beaten!
We have Outstanding Results in IGCSE and Now Offer WAEC and NECO for Year 12

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