Why Oxford Manor College?

Oxford Manor College (OMC) is a dynamic and successful school serving the Abuja community. We have scholars of all abilities and from a wide and varied background, all of whom contribute to the richness and diversity of our school population.

Our Quality of Teaching and learning

We are successful because we focus very strongly on what matters, the quality of teaching and learning. We are good at what we do particularly in the following areas:

  • Student Achievement and Academic Progress
  • The Quality of Teaching and Learning
  • Students' Behaviour
  • The Quality of Leadership and Management

Scholars of all ages and abilities make remarkable progress because of the rich curriculum we offer, along with excellent guidance and tracking of everyone to ensure their steady progress. Our school motto 'Invictus' which means 'success through effort and determination' underpins all that we do at OMC. At OMC, moral standards are simply to ensure that no child is left behind.


of IGCSE grades awarded at
A* (9-8)


of A Level grades awarded at
A* or A


of IGCSE grades awarded at
A*/A (9-7)


of WAEC grades awarded at
A*/A (9-7)


Explore Our British Curriculum

Our curriculum consists of a rich blend of academic and vocational, all supported by fantastic learning resources including a state-of-the-art theatre, smart whiteboard, projectors, video and audio studios, outstanding sports and fitness facilities, as well as modern, generously equipped classrooms, workshops, and laboratories. All areas are served by excellent ICT facilities.

English Language

The English curriculum at Oxford Manor College for Key Stage 3 students (Year 7 to 9) is based on the Cambridge Secondary 1 curriculum.

English - Literature

We offers learners the opportunity to read, interpret, evaluate, and respond to a range of literature Cambridge IGCSE Literature in English


At Oxford Manor College, we raise our scholars to be indomitable; therefore, we consider proficiency in French to be essential


At Oxford Manor College, we raise our scholars to be indomitable; therefore, we consider proficiency in Spanish to be essential


We work to stimulate in each student a desire to know more about the variety of human and physical conditions on Earth; to give the students a good grounding in the basics of Geography.

Global Perspective

We cover a wide range of contemporary global issues that cut across 24 topics such as bioenergy, law and criminality, sustainable living, family, and digital world.


We delivers a high-quality history education, which will help students gain a coherent knowledge and understanding of Britain's past and that of the wider world.


Sociology IGCSE (0495) is a combination of two papers covering a total of 7 unit topics with an option of two unit topics for paper one and two-unit topics for paper two, respectively.


The IGCSE Physics Course follows the Cambridge Curriculum and utilises a highly successful textbook


We aims to help students to see Maths as a set of tools for solving real-life problems and to develop the ability to select the most appropriate tool to use.


We teach individuals how to become more effective and efficient when performing accounting duties

Art and Design

We believes that individual creativity is an essential part of education, providing an important vehicle to nurture the creativity, passion, and individuality of each student.

Our Facilities

Explore Our Facilities

We provide a unique program of strong support and guidance to help our scholars settle into secondary school!

Our Experts

Meet Our Community Experts

We have experienced teaching and non-teaching staff!

Ms. Donna Wallace

Director of Education

Dr. Young Usen


Ms. Nisha Mandani

Head of Human Resource

Ms. Obioma Mgbachi

Admission Officer

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We provide a unique program of strong support and guidance to help our scholars settle into secondary school!

Graduation 12 Sept, 2022


Oxford Manor College's teaching is built around adding value to each student in terms of academic performance. For this purpose, a Value-Added system is operated alongside a completion system in the Lower and Senior Schools.

Education 12 Sept, 2022

Staff and Students

The good relationships between staff and students, and amongst the students themselves are a notable feature of Oxford Manor College and are part of its strength.

Sports 12 Sept, 2022


The Oxford Manor College Sports Department believes that children should, through physical education, enhance their physical development, stamina, strength, mobility, and control.


That's who we are. We will not, we cannot be beaten!
We have Outstanding Results in IGCSE and Now Offer WAEC and NECO for Year 12

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